Our Teaching

Next stage new bachelor with more teaching on aging mechanisms!!

Teaching 'handgrip measurements', as part of the handbook on Problem Based Learning in Geriatrics (De Tijdstroom, 2nd revised version 2012)

As Pricipal Lecturer, together with the staff of geriatricians,  I am involved in performing and developing high quality educational tools both for medical students. At the mon=ment (aug 2016) we improve the Bachelor phase and implement new exciting education in the second year on the mechanisms of aging.

We also aim for interprofessional education for registrars in training for consultant geriatricians, and other groups of physicians. Our motto is that geriatrics is far too important to leave it to geriatricians, and therefore we put much effort in geriatric training and education. Marianne van Iersel, and Yvonne Schoon, both geriatricians, are closely collaborating in both types of (innovation in) teaching.

The Geriatric department fulfills a range of teaching obligations both for medical students (330 new students per year) and for geriatric trainees (6-10 per year). We are proud to be the only Dutch University to have an excellently evaluated 6 week internship in geriatrics, organized together with the department of family practice.

Our innovations in education focuses on three areas:

1. Geriatrics for medical bachelor students at the Medical Curriculum of the Radboud University.

On this topic and headed by Marianne van Iersel,  we recently also renew and completely revise the 3rd version of our book on Problem based Learning in Geriatrics (De Tijdstroom, aimd at 2017  http://www.tijdstroom.nl/catalogus/1_Geneeskunde/9_Reeks_probleemgeori_nteerd_denken_in_de_geneeskunde/233_Probleemgeori_nteerd_denken_in_de_geriatrie
-Joep Lagro and Marjolein vd Pol also recently realized a challenging and very innovative serious game for medical students, GERIATRIX with which we are going to train medical students in a third year elective. The aim of the game it to get attractive training and gaming in practicing clinical reasoning on elderly patients'problems and aiming at the combination of the most important targets of quality of (geriatric) health care: professional quality, cost-effectiveness and patient participation (shared decision making). See http://www.dutchgameawards.nl/2012/geriatrix/ or at the site of the IT collaborating partner Monpellier Venture  http://monpellierventure.com/#!/projects/Geriatrix


van de Pol, Marjolein H. J.; Lagro, Joep; Fluit, Lia R. M. G.; Olde Rikkert MGM .Teaching Geriatrics Using an Innovative, Individual-Centered Educational Game: Students and Educators Win. A Proof-of-Concept Study. JAGS 2014; 62: 1943-49


Lagro J, van de Pol MH, Laan A, Huijbregts-Verheyden FJ, Fluit LC, Olde Rikkert MG.
Randomized Controlled Trial on Teaching Geriatric Medical Decision Making and Cost Consciousness With the Serious Game GeriatriX.
J Am Med Dir Assoc. 2014 Dec;15(12):957.


2. Geriatric training for registrars to become consultant Geriatricians.

According to our new training curriculum, dr Dienek v Asselt trains physicians as geriatricians in five years fulltime postgraduate training. All information is available on our completly renewd website: www.klinischgeriater.nl

3. Post graduatie training for other specialties.

In this area we implement innovative educational tools to serve both surgical and non-surgical disciplines in their need for more training in geriatrics, as their patient populations are quickly aging as well.
Among others, we recently contributed to a new national course on frailty and related issues (KNMG, 2015) and contributed to several handbooks, eg Handbook on Surgery (see:  http://www.bsl.nl/shop/leerboek-chirurgie-9789031387342.html) and to the training courses for surgeons.

In training general practitioners, who are our natural partners in realizing continuity of care for older patients,  in geriatrics we also performed research on the effectiveness of this training programme, on which a thesis was written by Dr. Marjonlein vd Marck, on shared decision making (2015). her model will now also be printed in the Neth Journal of Medicine(NTvG, aimed end 2017) 





Teaching with the help of older persons works best: Narrative Based Medicine should complement evidence Based Medicine in Geriatrics