How we care for frail older patients

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Our older adult patients


With in total about 100 professionals, the Geriatric department admits approx. 450 patients per year and sees 1200 new patients in our outpatient clinics. The clinical teams also fulfil an extensive consultation team in the Radboudumc.
Apart from this we have an 24/7 team available for geriatric patients on other wards, which now also implements the HELP programme, adapted to the Dutch circumstances. See also      


The clinicians at the geriatric department:

Dr Jurgen Claassen, geriatrician, JPI

Dr. Dieneke van Asselt, geriatrician,

Dr. Didy Jacobse, geriatrician

Drs David Jansen, geriatrician

Dr Y Schoon, geriatrician and Director of Emergency War/ work place manager

Mrs Drs Anne Verstraten, schef de policlinique

Drs Roderick Kriekaart, geriatrician with focus on peri-operative guidance in St Maartenskliniek

Mw Drs Carolien Benraad, focus on geriatric traing and effectiveness of geriatrics in old age psychiatry

Dr Marianne van Iersel, geriatrician, PL teaching focus.

Drs William van Aalst, Drs Maartje beek physician assistants, trial clinicians/project leader.

Dr René Melis, MD epidemiologist and senior researcher, PI

Prof dr Roy Kessels, neuropsychologist, PL (part time).

The research staff is consisting of five post-docs and around 15 PhD students.

The clinical staff consists of10 geriatricians and 2 physicians assistants.

To get an impression of our frail older patients and the great need for specialised geriatric care, have a look at the interview with mrs P. , who reflects on her episode of severe delirium following an acute cardiac rhythm event. Made available with permission of the patient.

Innovation in health care

EASYcare Innovation
EASYcare is now appeciated very wel in primary care, but still needs development and implementation efforts to be used in hopsital, while having similar instruments and strategies across the whole patient journey is crucial for realizing integrated care for frail older persons.

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